Making Felted Kitty using cookie cutter

February 01, 2017 303 Comments

Making Felted Kitty using cookie cutter

For those who are interested in needle felting but afraid to try, I always recommend them starting with cookie cutter felting technique. Cookie cutter can help beginners to solve the most difficult problems - shaping, in a very short time. Once we create a basic shape, we can easily add embellishment to create many fascinating felted goodies. In here I will take a cat cookie cutter as an example and demonstrate how to make a variety of wool felted kitties.


Step 1. prepare tools

needle felting tutorial-cookie-cutter-felted-kitty-CatAtRoof01

Needle felting doesn’t need a lot of tools, we only need a special felting needle, felting mat and some wool to start making something stunning. For this project, I suggest using a 38G needle, and a firm supported mat. For starter, check out “HOW TO PICK THE RIGHT NEEDLE FELTING MAT” to learn more about it.


Step 2. Begin felting

needle felting tutorial - cookie cutter felted kitty - CatAtRoof02

Put some wool into the kitty cookie cutter, and repeatedly poke with a needle up and down to start felting. I want to make the kitty has some volume and curve, so I add more wool to the body area to make the body thicker, and keep the head and tail area thinner.
While repeatedly poking the wool, remember to flip side and poke evenly on both side to prevent wool ticking to the mat.
This Initial felting stage takes about 3-5 minutes.


 Step 3. Shaping

 needle felting tutorial - cookie cutter felted kitty - CatAtRoof03

When the wool almost felted and can hold the cookie cutter shape by it own, we can remove the cookie cutter. Then holding the needle in 45-degree angle from top down and poke from outside to inside along the edge, so that the cat has a three-dimensional shape. Also we can repeatedly poke the dividing lines between body-chest, chest-head, head-ears, let the cat shape become more obvious. 
When the wool become tight and the kitty shape become clear, now we completed the felting process.
This step takes about 5-10 minutes.


Step 4. Variety #1 - add pattern

 needle felting tutorial - cookie cutter felted kitty - CatAtRoof04

Now it is time to show off your creativity. Pick your favorite color and embellish to the kitty. I picked some black wool, gently poked with a needle to the right ear and tail. If you have a 40G fine needle, it is recommended to use a fine needle to reduce pinholes in the surface at this time.


Step 5. Variety #2 - add jewel

needle felting tutorial - cookie cutter felted kitty - CatAtRoof05
Of course I don’t mean the real diamond…. 😺
Once we have completed the basic kitty shape, we get hundreds of ways to decorate our cat. For example get some sparking sticker from your local craft store and stick it to your felted cat, or like me glue some sparkling acrylic jewels. Only take a minute, we get a dazzling kitty!!!


Using this cookie cutter technique, we can easier create an army of felted cats in one movie time.

Felted cats by Cat At Roof

cookie cutter felted cats by Cat At Roof
Do you feel interested!!?? Want to try it your own!!??

Or still have question!!?? Here is the video shows the whole process of making one of the felted kitty. Let get your needle felting tools and start to make a felted kitty together!!! 


DIY Kit available 

Due the popular demand, I finally create a DIY kit for this Felted Kitty. The kit comes with new designs, and 20 new step by step photos instruction, and all the tools/material that can easily make 10-15 cats. It is available at my Etsy store :


needle felting tutorial - cookie cutter felted kitty - CatAtRoof


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May 31, 2021 – Mujosae Xebipa


May 31, 2021

Making Felted Kitty using cookie cutter – Cat At Roof

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